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    Hi, I'm Gabi.


    There is more to life than burnout, anxiety, and overwhelm. You are designed to thrive and flourish. There is a simple, practical way to uncover your innate health and wellbeing.


    I share a transformational new understanding that helps people discover their inner resilience, mental health, calm, and wellbeing.


    Reach out today to experience a coaching conversation.

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    You're exhausted, stressed, and burned out.


    You sorted our your past in therapy, but you still find yourself stuck in the old patterns.


    You have ADHD or some other "diagnosis" of neurodiversity. You tried so hard to figure out how to compensate, and you're ready to give up


    You left religion, but have no idea how to find meaning or build a life from here.


    You were in a cult or spiritual abusive environment, and you have the scars to prove it.


    You've tried it all.


    Maybe you got some relief from therapy or self-help, but it's just keeping your head above water.


    Maybe you spent years in self-help, but that future self who is happy and at peace feels elusive. You don't see the results you want in your life, your finances, your health, or your relationships.


    If you just felt a little better, maybe life would work the way it's supposed to.


  • You know it's got to be better than this.


    You are ready for something new.


    You want relief.


    You want freedom.


    You are willing to look in a completely new direction to find it.

  • Coaching

    The Inside-Out Understanding

    "A fox knows many things, but the hedgehog knows one big thing."


    The one big thing that changes every thing: Thought creates our experience. Thought creates our experience of life through the special effects department of the mind: consciousness. What we experience as life is thought experienced as feeling in the body. Consciousness brings thought alive as rich experience. We are always living in the feeling of our thinking, and thanks to consciousness we feel emotions in our bodies as physical sensation. It is the best VR that exists.


    When we understand how our experience is created, it looks a lot less personal. When we see that everyone is living in their own thinking, the pressure we feel from outside expectations begins to shift on its own.


    I want to be clear here: we won't gaslight your experience or your emotions. What you feel and experience is a real experience, and it's coming up for a reason. This is not a "It's all in your head, so get over it" approach.


    Understanding where your experience comes from is the shortcut to the freedom, health, and resiliency you're looking for.


    How Change Happens

    If thought creates our experience, why not change our thinking to change our experience?


    That'd be nice if it worked, but It doesn't work this way. The more attention we give thinking, the longer it sticks around. It's the classic case of "Don't think of an elephant with pink polka dots."


    The good news is that the nature of life is change. Thinking is like a river rushing down a mountain. When we resist our experience, it's like scooping up river water in a bucket, and then trying to change what's in the bucket. The design of life is to live in the river, and when we realize that, life flows!


    Change is the nature of life. Thought and experience change effortlessly moment to moment, without our help. In fact, much of coaching will be around dropping resistance to live more in the flow of life.


    Coach Michael Neill describes it like a pot of water with mud mixed in. How do you get the dirt to settle to the bottom? You leave it alone. You definitely don't try to boil the water to get it to settle faster! A lot of our efforts in contemporary psychology and self-help are like boiling the water.


    If you are looking for more effortless flow to your life, this conversation is for you.

    Deep Listening

    "Do you listen, or do you just wait to talk?" -Pulp Fiction


    Deep listening is rare in our modern society, but it is a form of listening that is available to all of us. Mavis Karn describes it as a cool app we're just born with. Deep listening is what happens when the content drops away and we hear the feeling underneath.


    Language is a tool humans invented. Just like all of our tools, it has its limitations. But we are all born with the ability to listen, not just with our ears, but with our whole selves. And when we do so, we "hear" on a deeper level--a transformational level.


    Transformative conversations are a space where I, as the coach, listen to you. As we both slow down together, you will begin to hear yourself in a new way. This is the space where wisdom, love, and peace live. It's where you make decisions, experience insights, and change on the soul level. Grounding in this space is what makes change effortless.

    Time Together

    Are you interested in exploring how this simple, but profound understanding can make life easier for you? Reach out below or email me at coachgabifisher@gmail.com. I always offer free exploratory sessions.

  • About Me

    I'm a change coach and deep listening guide, here to help you return home to the truth of who you truly are: peace, love, and wisdom.


    I live in Downtown Los Angeles with my husband and daughter. When I'm not having deep conversations or reading, you can find me exploring Los Angeles.

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  • My Story


    I'm a homeschool graduate and former evangelical Christian. My religion was all I knew until I started to question my faith at my Christian university. I was depressed as a kid, and as a young adult I started to fall apart, experiencing panic attacks and chronic stress. I tried really hard to fix myself, first in religion, and then in psychology and self-help. I worked really, really hard at this: in fact I hardly had time for friends or a career outside of working hard to be okay.


    This looked like managing my diet, researching supplements, following an exercise program, reading self-help books, listening to TONS of podcasts, and trying to control my thinking through approaches like CBT and Stoicism. No wonder I was depressed, anxious, and exhausted!


    I came across this new paradigm while dealing with panic attacks triggered by an experience on psilocybin, another failed attempt to fix myself. I discovered the depression was a coping mechanism for the chronic fear and anxiety I felt. I just wanted to feel better and stop the procrastination habit that seemed to define my life, but what I found over the course of two years went much deeper than that.


    With this completely new paradigm of mental health and wellbeing, I discovered inner resilience I didn't know I had. I discovered more peace of mind. I experienced more calm and connection in my relationship with my husband. I peeled back layers of conditioning and trauma to discover my innate health and wisdom. Through transformative conversations and deep listening, I rebuilt my life and spirituality after leaving religion.


    Life only gets wilder and more joyful from here!


  • Resources


    A few of my favorite books in the inside-out understanding.


    Somebody Should Have Told Us and Seduced by Consciousness, Jack Pransky.


    The Space Within and The Inside-Out Revolution: The Only Thing You Need to Know to Change Your Life Forever, Michael Neill.


    Beyond Beliefs, Linda Quiring.

    The Practical Wisdom Podcast

    Coming soon.